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Mobile law enforcement, system construction

Issuing time:2018-12-12 15:10

The goal of building:

      According to the requirements of the lawful construction of "one case, one CD" and "synchronized video and audio throughout the case", and relying on the public security information network, public security video network, Internet and other network infrastructure, build a set of collection, transmission, recording, storage, adjustment Read, process and manage the video and audio data management system of the process of on-site law enforcement activities of the police, and realize seamless connection with the police comprehensive platform to handle the police and case information, to ensure that the entire process of the case is recorded simultaneously with the video and audio information; Connect seamlessly with the police system; realize the sharing of video and audio data with the video big data (structured) platform; realize the seamless connection with the PGIS platform and integrated command and dispatch platform police positioning; realize the connection with the video and audio of the large supervision platform; Realize the compatible management and network management of the existing single police on-site law enforcement video and audio recorders in the district; realize the connection with the traffic police system business.

      A hall-level on-site video and audio data management system was built to achieve unified network management and video and audio information management of the single police on-site law enforcement video and audio recorders in the district, completed on the police comprehensive platform, video big data platform, PGIS platform, integrated command The connection of dispatching platform, large supervision platform and traffic police business system.

      The county-level video and audio management system was built to realize the unified network management and video and audio information management of the single-site on-site law enforcement video and audio recorders of the county-level public security organs, and to complete the docking with three integrated police systems and video big data platforms.

      Build a batch of single police on-site law enforcement video and audio recorders and law enforcement instrument collection workstation equipment to fill the gap in grassroots front-line on-site law enforcement video and audio recording equipment.

Construction significance:

        Strengthening the police with science and technology, and insisting on requiring police force, efficiency, and combat effectiveness from informationization are important guiding principles for the construction of public security system equipment in China. Among them, the public security wireless communication is a wireless communication system serving the public security business. It is a communication method with the most characteristics of the police. It has the characteristics of fast, flexible, convenient and reliable. As the most basic and most important communication command means of public security organs, wireless communication plays an important role in handling emergencies and security. The quality of the construction of public security wireless communication systems has greatly affected the level of public security command and dispatch and combat effectiveness.

        The construction of 4G law enforcement recorder mobile law enforcement system has the following significance for the public security mobile law enforcement:

        Visible and clear: 4G law enforcement recorder transmits real-time high-definition video information of the law enforcement site back to the command center through the 4G wireless network. The video resolution can reach 1080P and 720P, which is convenient for the command center to accurately grasp the situation and make timely responses And command and dispatch. The organic integration of the wireless video surveillance of the 4G law enforcement recorder and the safe city video surveillance network can make up for the blind spots of fixed video surveillance and realize video surveillance without dead ends in the entire operation.

        The 4G intelligent law enforcement recorder transmits voice and video back to the command center, which allows the front-line policemen to report the scene information more accurately, and solves the ambiguity problem of pure voice intercom.

Accurate positioning and fast dispatch: The 4G law enforcement recorder has a built-in Beidou / GPS dual-mode chip, and the command center can know the location of the scene and the location of the surrounding police officers in the background; docking with GIS and the police system can achieve flat and refined command and Fast police dispatch.

  The explanation is clear and can be heard clearly: the 4G law enforcement recorder has the functions of front and back-end intercom and digital cluster. The command center combines the real-time video on the spot and grasps the latest developments on the scene through the digital cluster to realize fast and efficient remote command.

One-key SOS alarm: Long press the SOS alarm button on the fuselage, the device will force the real-time transmission of live video, and trigger the background command center alarm at the same time, which can quickly respond to and handle emergency situations, which greatly enhances the security of single police.

Entire law enforcement record: 4G law enforcement recorder has functions such as camera, photo, and audio recording. It can record and store various information on the law enforcement site in the device, enabling traceability of law enforcement electronic evidence.



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