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Topology diagram of intelligent queuing management system

Issuing time:2018-12-11 14:03Author:Yinxiang Technology


functional module:

1. Touch display: 19-inch capacitive display.

2. Control module: PC control.

3. Printing module: high-speed thermal printing.

4. Audio module: Industrial-grade power amplifier audio.

5. Identification module: second-generation ID card reader.

6. Scanning module: QR code scanner.

7. Sensor module: VIP card sensor.

8. Streaming media: LCD multimedia and queuing information release.



1. Based on the Internet, system integration and big data technology, the system integration of unit business handling, queuing management, customer evaluation and multimedia publishing is incorporated into the municipal queuing management platform for hierarchical authorization and unified management.

2. Through the interconnection of the tax payment service halls of cities, districts and counties, reasonable distribution can be achieved, service efficiency can be improved, time of units and taxpayers can be saved, and both corporate and social benefits can be obtained.

3. Through the mobile terminal, the taxpayer can check the real-time queuing status of each tax service hall in the city in real time, and select the queuing appointment according to the principles of travel mode, distance, waiting time and other principles.

4. Support mode: on-site real-name system for queuing to collect tickets, PC-side online queuing appointment, mobile-end queuing appointment and WeChat queuing appointment.

5. Support various forms of multimedia information release, such as LED, LCD, PDP, etc.

Module division:


Product Features:

(1) Flexible system design and strong adaptability: wired and wireless installation methods, multi-host, multi-region, networkable and online.

(2) System modular design: The system design is divided into different modules according to functions, and only a few connections between modules are required, which is convenient for installation, debugging and maintenance, greatly improving the stability of the system and ensuring a good Versatility, interchangeability and scalability.

(3) Security and stability: advanced embedded design, embedded hardware core and embedded Intehel-Emb-Queue software platform, no need to perform system upgrade, antivirus, maintenance and other work in daily use, with automatic power failure information protection and other functions. One-touch switching power supply protection.

(4) The appearance conforms to ergonomic design: the overall appearance design follows the principles of smoothness, simplicity, clarity, beauty, environmental protection, and generosity, taking into account the regional VI design requirements, and the design of the location and height of the operation area to ensure the convenience and comfort of users .

(5) Production of the whole machine: the surface of the fuselage is metal paint, waterproof, anti-magnetic, wear-resistant, anti-static treatment, professional screen printing, to ensure that the relevant logo will not fade or fade for a long time, the production process is superb, and it has strong impact resistance Sex.

(6) Strong scalability: It can be used in conjunction with the evaluation system, combined with various display devices including LED, LCD, PDP, and can also be used interactively with the business system of the tax office.

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