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Electronic evidence management system solution

Issuing time:2018-12-10 10:07Author:Yinxiang Technology

Software function of law enforcement instrument management platform:

1. Automatic identification device for data download function:

Flexible, modular design, powerful law enforcement instrument device expansion capability, can recognize multiple versions of law enforcement instrument equipment, the collection station software can automatically identify and connect the duty instrument to download data; adopt strict data verification algorithm to support law enforcement instrument Hot swappable to ensure data is not lost.

2. Support multiple devices to upload data at the same time:

Adopting advanced multi-thread management technology, it can simultaneously support multiple law enforcement instruments to charge and upload data at the same time, and the interface is not stuck.

3. Centralized management function:

The data of the attendance instrument can be installed on a large server according to the requirements. All the data files of the law enforcement instrument are stored centrally. The advanced file retrieval technology can quickly call up the required video playback.

4. Sub-authority management function:

The system supports hierarchical management and hierarchical authorization. Multiple units can be set up according to the requirements. The leaders of each unit can see the video data of subordinate units and their own units, but cannot see the data of the higher level or the same level units. Individuals can only view themselves The data.

5. Data security technology:

Centralized management and control of video data, using advanced technical means to ensure that data is not played, downloaded, or deleted without authorization;

6. Log management function:

The system design detailed log recording function can record the operation records of each user, such as: upload, download, play, delete, etc. any operation records;

7. Remote viewing function:

The leader of the public security unit or the case analysis team can log in to the server remotely through the network and retrieve the video files of the scene of the crime scene for playback, analysis, playback, copy and other functional operations.

8. The function of hard disk intelligent management and intelligent disk finding:

The attendance instrument management software can intelligently manage the hard disk space, and can automatically store video data to different hard disks according to the settings. After one hard disk is full, it is automatically stored in the next hard disk.

9. Automatic data cleaning function:

The software can be set to periodically clear useless data files, for example: the time is set to 3 months, and the software automatically cleans up the file contents of the previous 3 months.

In addition, the device has another function, important video files, etc., please save it in a dedicated storage hard disk (for example, the video files at the crime scene may be saved for 1 to 5 years).

10. Multi-function search function:

The attendance instrument management software can search and query based on the policeman's name, siren, law enforcement instrument number, time, unit and other conditions, and automatically retrieve the files to be queried from the database.

11. Hard disk storage space statistics:

It can count how much capacity is used by the data storage hard disk and how much capacity is left;

12. Statistical report function:

Users can set various statistical conditions for statistics and generate various statistical reports. Statistics include the number of uploaded files, police officers, units, time, file types, etc .;

13. System compatibility function:

Connect the background management system of the recorder to the relevant public security business systems such as the police system, and provide software interfaces to realize the correlation and upgrade and expansion of related functions between the systems.

14. The system has a breakpoint resume function:

The law enforcement instrument and the collection station need to immediately take the machine out of the alarm during data transmission. They can be unplugged immediately. After returning to the police, plug in the law enforcement instrument and the system will automatically resume transmission.

15. The system supports the transmission, downloading, playing and other functions of large files over 2G.

16. The system supports Ambarella program and Zoran program at the same time. At the same time, it is compatible with the access of more than 30 law enforcement instruments.

17. The system supports data playback in multiple formats.

18. Professional high-performance motherboard, equipped with more than 4g memory, multiple high-capacity hard drives; equipment can add second-generation ID card readers, IC card readers, cameras, fingerprint devices, burners, scanners, printers, etc. Formulated).

19. Professional USB expansion device, high-performance USB2.0 port (some devices use USB30. Port), high-capacity power supply to charge the device at the same time.

20. The equipment can be expanded into internal inquiry equipment, attendance equipment, feedback and other equipment.

21. The collection station can be seamlessly connected with products such as voice recorders, cameras, driving recorders, drones, and 3G image transmission systems.

22. High-performance collection stations can be customized for high-end customers. (The sales price is very high) The collection station is equipped with a high-end brand motherboard + high-performance CPU + 8G memory + 3.0HUB + USB3.0 data distribution software + multi-thread collection workstation software + high-end data cable.

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