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Intelligent Visitor Management System Solution

Issuing time:2018-12-04 11:14Author:Yinxiang Technology

The system consists of barriers, visitor machines, verification terminals, and access control.

The guest machine controls the gate and the verification terminal controls the access control. The visitor only needs to verify that the terminal's identity recognition has passed and can enter.

The system has seven functions:

1. Second-generation card reading, OCR recognition, image storage.

2. Personnel management and quick inquiry.

3. Visitor ticket printing, QR code identification.

4. Gate and access control.

5. Windows, Android multi-end control.

6. On-site photography, face comparison, fingerprint verification.

7. Personal identification, identity verification, quick comparison in 0.8 seconds.

Five advantages of visitor management:

1. Through the combination of "second-generation card reading + face comparison" and biometrics technology, to ensure the integration of personal identification, the information of external visitors is truly recorded, and the unit's security level is effectively improved.

2. The unit's gate reception work realizes electronic office and humanized service, which makes visitors feel at home and has a good user experience. Comprehensively enhance the public image of the unit facing the society.

3. It takes a long time to tell other people to write by hand, and it is easy to miswrite, omit to write, and have the disadvantages of sloppy writing. Do n’t queue up for visitor registration, identity verification is completed in 5 seconds, fast and accurate, which greatly improves the efficiency of gate reception.

4. The archived visitor information includes information such as visitor identity, on-site photos, number of people accompanying, target of visit, reason of visit, time of visit and items carried. Convenient management query and quick traceability.

5. Safety precautions, mainly prevention. The use of modern technology products and the implementation of a real-name registration system can effectively deter the younger generation, eliminate hidden dangers, and guarantee the safety of property and personnel of the unit.

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