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Intelligent queuing management system solution

Issuing time:2018-12-04 10:10Author:Yinxiang Technology

The user makes an appointment to pick up the number at the queuing machine, and waits for the virtual number to call the number. After hearing the number, he can arrive at the designated window to handle the business according to the number displayed on the LED display of the window.

System functions:

Business processing:

Supports simultaneous handling of business within 100 windows; each window can handle multiple businesses.

Intelligent queuing: The system supports multiple priority queuing rules such as time limit, limit, business priority, threshold priority, etc. At the same time, it supports number insertion, recall, transfer, number abandonment, printing ID card, Saturday and Sunday working mode and other functions.

The mode of handling business supports simultaneous activation by window mode and teller mode.

Multi-level navigation

The system supports multi-level interface settings. The navigation buttons can be freely bound to the submenu, and the number of buttons on the submenu is not limited. The administrator of the tax service hall is free to group and categorize the handled business.

Basic business

1. Call: The staff calls the customer to handle the business through the pager.

2. Login: Before the start of the work day, enter the station number and password to log in.

3. Withdrawal: Withdraw from the system after one day of work. When the staff leaves temporarily, the counter can be closed through the terminal, and at the same time, the display screen of the counter is automatically closed. There are two functions: physical terminal (hardware, placed on the counter) and virtual terminal (software, installed in the computer).

4. Direct call: Call the first or next customer.

5. Recall: There is no response when calling the client for the first time, and the call can be repeated multiple times.

6. Number abandonment: After multiple calls, the customer still hasn't responded. The customer may have abandoned the number and then call the next customer; you can also set up in the system according to the customer's requirements, and there are still no cases when you call again several times. Under the system, the system directly handles the abandoned number (one of the processing methods for missing number customers).

7. Transfer: Occasionally the customer takes the wrong department number ticket or needs multi-counter service, and can immediately transfer to other departments without having to wait for the number again.

8. Before insertion: When a customer needs multi-counter service, after completing a period of service, the number is transferred to the first place in another queue; or a customer who encounters an emergency or has a special relationship can call first.

9. One-meter noodles: Remind customers who handle the business to wait outside one-meter noodles.

10. Welcome: When the customer comes to handle the business, there will be a welcome phrase when pressing this button (need to select an evaluator).

11. Evaluation: After finishing the business, pressing the evaluation button will prompt the customer to evaluate the service quality of this time (need to select an evaluator).

12. Call the duty manager: If the counter staff cannot handle the special business, they can click the "Help" button on the pager to call the duty manager. After clicking the help, there will be a voice prompt: "Please call the duty manager to the XX window" A prompt will appear on the corresponding window display: "Please call the duty manager to the XX window".

Virtual caller

In addition to the basic functions of calling, recalling, inserting numbers, transferring, evaluating, welcoming, and one-meter lines, the virtual pager also has some humanized reminder and shortcut operation functions.

Reminder function:

When the number of people waiting is not 0, the virtual pager has the following reminding methods.

Method 1: Pop-up prompt: If the virtual pager is in the minimized state, the operation interface will pop up automatically;

Method 2: Voice prompt: similar to QQ prompt sound, Ding Dong sound, etc. (requires support from external speakers of office computer);

Method 3: Animation reminder: flashing reminder in the task bar;

Method 4: Color-changing prompt: the color-changing reminder of the display frame on the interface of the virtual pager;

Automatic number calling function:

When the number of people waiting changes from 0 to 1, the function of automatic number calling is supported (prioritized call with the earliest window of the last call request)

Support shortcut key call and re-call.

Business first

The system supports parallel processing of multiple services. Customers in various business queues can independently increase or decrease as needed. For each window, the business can choose whether to set the priority. The priority of the business can be independently adjusted by the customer; There are many kinds of services that can be set up; the number segments handled by each business can be set freely and support letter number segments.

Rank first

Control the waiting time, and set the upper limit of waiting time for customers of different levels by setting the waiting time valve. Once the waiting time of a certain level of customers exceeds the corresponding prescribed upper limit, the customer will be given priority to serve.

Compared with business priority, when there are many customers handling priority business, it may cause an unlimited accumulation of customers with low priority business. In order to solve this contradiction, managers can set a waiting time valve in the background Value, if this threshold is exceeded, the business will be given priority, until all customers who exceed the threshold are processed, and then the business will be executed first.

Limited number

Refers to the limited time to handle business, the system automatically stops issuing numbers during breaks.

Limited number

Refers to the background can set the number of special services; when the specified number is reached, the number is automatically stopped.


The system administrator can delete the generated waste number at any time to prevent the teller from invalidating multiple calls and speed up the business processing time.

Print ID

With pre-stored ID card information and the function of printing the second-generation ID card, an external office printer needs to be connected to the number-fetching machine, the customer puts his ID card on the identification device, and the system will automatically extract the corresponding identification information (including name, gender, birth After the year, month, date, photo, birth place, and time of issuance), the front and back of the ID card are printed out.

Operating mode

When the system starts, it will judge whether it is a working day or a holiday based on the current date, and automatically load the business interface and business processing mode that can be handled on the current date. Including the number of handled business, business type, name, interface, business priority level, business number segment, business quantity limit, business threshold limit, and employee login mode can distinguish ordinary working days.

Intelligent Recognition

VIP customer identification: When the customer picks up the number, he presents his ID. After the system recognizes, he can identify the customer's identity according to the rules, so as to provide priority service, and truly reflect the VIP customer's identity.

Use maintenance

Simple and convenient to use, the one-button switching power supply protection system realizes one-button switch;

The system supports one-key restore and repair;

The system can be wired or wirelessly connected;

Support multi-host, multi-region queuing services, can be connected to the network, online unified number distribution;

Supports scheduled startup and scheduled shutdown;

Support automatic upgrade of client program.

Support the administrator of the tax service hall to log out with a password for quick maintenance operations, such as exiting the number access interface and stopping number access.

Network requirements

The network requirement between the networking platform and the queuing system is 10M / 100M network bandwidth to adapt to the rapid transmission of data streams. The networking platform itself can provide Internet services to facilitate internal personnel and customers to monitor and control operations via the Internet.

operating system

Ø Due to the popularization of the windows operating system, the client system is required to first meet the compatibility of the windows system.

Ø Redhat Linux 6.1 is used for the operating system of the queuing server.


Because it is developed using the J2EE platform, it is necessary to use the application server for the interpretation and execution of the business system, and the web server for load balancing.

Hardware requirements: quad-core E5504 / 4G ECC / support dual-system hot backup / 146G hard disk * 2 / DVD drive

Software requirements: using Tomcat application server

Database server

Hardware requirements: quad-core E5504 / 4G ECC / support dual hot standby / 500G hard disk * 2 / DVD drive

Software requirements: Use Oracle11g Enterprise Edition database

Backup storage device

The system uses a disk array for data storage, ensuring the integrity of the data itself.

File system data and database data are saved on the disk array.

cyber security

The internal network structure is adopted between the queuing system and the networking platform.

Use a firewall to prevent network attacks.

Block all unnecessary ports to avoid loopholes.

system security

Use anti-virus and anti-virus software to prevent viruses.

Data Security

Ø Strict and hierarchical user management

Ø Database user management

Ø Application user management

Ø Data backup and recovery management

Ø Database storage encryption

Ø Encryption of data packets for data exchange

Ø Data transmission channel encryption

data storage

The device has the function of automatically saving power-off information and automatically recovering incoming data.

Data processing mechanism

The server makes accurate statistics and processing of the completion time of the business and the start time of the business.

Because the end time of the service often deviates from the time of the next call, the system takes the time of clicking the evaluation as the end time of the service. If the evaluation button is not clicked, the time of clicking the second call is the end time of the service. For business records with no processing completion time caused by electricity and other circumstances, the system calculates the completion time of this business based on the average processing time of the first 10 transactions in the current window.

In order to avoid the time deviation from call to real business processing, the system takes the time of clicking the "welcome" button as the starting time of business processing. If the "welcome" button is not clicked, the time of clicking the call button is the starting time of business processing .

Unexpected data processing mechanism. In the case of temporarily different networks, the system will first ensure that the tax service hall normally handles business, and at the same time saves unsuccessfully queued data records, automatically detects network conditions every 5 minutes, waiting for network connectivity When the data is supplemented.

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