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Topology of mobile law enforcement command center system

Issuing time:2018-12-04 10:09Author:Yinxiang Technology

This system is composed of DSJ-Y8 4G law enforcement recorder, data collection workstation, background video management server, monitoring client, and command center management platform.

Front-end equipment: mainly realizes the collection, storage and real-time transmission of video, audio and pictures, as well as satellite positioning and digital cluster scheduling.

Data collection workstation: store and manage the data collected by the front-end equipment.

Equipment scheme:


Real-time video surveillance:

The monitoring center is deployed in the central computer room. The front-end equipment sends the video data to the central management server through the 4G / 3G network. The server sends the video stream to the decoder through the manager, and then the decoder converts it into a high-definition HDMI video signal to access the dedicated matrix. To achieve access to the large screen of the TV wall. The command center can realize flexible switching of on-site pictures, conveniently display multiple channels of video pictures, and supervise the information of various law enforcement scenes in real time.


Data storage and management:

The data collection workstation can be deployed in all grassroots units to realize the data storage of the 4G intelligent law enforcement recorder.


Front-end equipment deployment:

4G Law Enforcement Recorder: Wear it on the frontline personnel, record the law enforcement live video anytime, anywhere, and transmit the video information back to the command center in real time as needed.

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