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Mobile law enforcement command center platform solution

Issuing time:2018-12-04 10:05Author:Yinxiang Technology

Law Enforcement Recorder (each group, held by an individual), enforcement of attendance is completed


Law enforcement collection stations (held by police stations, squadrons, and towns), uploading law enforcement data to collection stations


Server + disk array storage (held by each branch, each brigade, each district and county), and the collection station uploads the data to the server


Application server + large disk array storage cabinet (city bureau, detachment, general team, city and state), the server uploads the data to the application server → 3G / 4G law enforcement instrument and map platform Available in all districts and counties)


Server + management control platform (held by the municipal bureau, detachment, general team, city and state), directing the subordinate units to manage the data


Terminal collection station:

basic skills:

1. Automatically correct the time of the law enforcement instrument:

When the law enforcement recorder is connected to the data collection device, the time of the collection station is automatically used to correct the time of the law enforcement instrument, and the time tags of the documents are batch corrected.

2. Automatically synchronize the detachment server time:

After all collection stations are connected to the detachment server, the time of the collection station is automatically corrected by the collection system, and the time of all collection stations and the time of the detachment server are synchronized.

3. Large file transfer function:

It can stably and quickly transfer large files up to 4G.

4. Breakpoint resume function:

The law enforcement instrument can be directly pulled out and used during data transmission with the collection station. After use, the law enforcement recorder can continue to transmit the files that have not been transmitted last time when it is connected to the same collection station.

5. Mass storage read and write:

Using optimized algorithms, it realizes fast reading and writing of large-capacity storage space, provides access to large-capacity disk space speed, and realizes the simultaneous data collection speed of five law enforcement instruments simultaneously higher than 4.0Gbps / minute.

6. Real-time monitoring technology of the collection station:

The status information of the collection station is transmitted to the server background in real time, and the storage space of the collection station, whether it is online, and the number of files can be monitored in real time through the management background.

7. Efficient disk space:

After customizing the space management strategy, the system automatically manages the disk space without manual intervention and can periodically clear out expired media files according to the customized strategy. When multiple law enforcement instruments transmit data concurrently, they can automatically find free disk storage data. If there are multiple hard disks in a collection station, after a disk is full, it can automatically convert the drive letter storage according to the order.

8. Intelligent upload strategy management:

It supports real-time and regular uploading of video files to a file server. Users can formulate upload strategies so that the system only uploads important video files.

9. Automatically identify key videos:

Automatically identify and highlight key video files by snapping pictures. Massive files can automatically complete management and identification without manual intervention, reducing the workload of manual identification.

10. Multiple police officers share a law enforcement instrument function:

Support multiple police officers to share a payment instrument, and upload various video files between each police officer automatically.

11. Video conversion and compression function:

Realize the conversion of Mp4, Mov, AVI video files into FLV files, and compress the files to 50% of the original size without distortion.

12. Flexible expansion of disk space:

Support storage space smooth upgrade and expansion, after adding hard disk upgrade and expansion, the original system data can be used normally.

13. Intuitive display acquisition project:

The collection system needs to display the data collection information of each law enforcement instrument in real time: including the collection progress bar, the number of files, the file size, and the remaining time. When collecting data, the collection system needs to display the charging prompt, equipment number, police officer number, and police officer name of each law enforcement instrument;

14. Media file on-demand function:

The collection system can allow police officers to log in to the local collection station and query the video, image, and audio data of the local collection station. They can mark and explain their media files, and the marking and description can manage the background in real time.

15. The acquisition system supports automatic remote upgrade:

After the collection station is connected to the detachment server, it automatically updates the latest version of the collection system.

16. Automatically clear the memory function of law enforcement instrument:

After the collection system collects the data of the law enforcement instrument, it automatically clears the data collected by the law enforcement instrument.

17. Multi-thread collection and transmission function:

The collection system can support up to 24 law enforcement instruments to collect and transmit data simultaneously.

18. Multi-storage mode support:

The collection system can support centralized storage of media data, distributed storage of collection stations, distributed cloud storage, hybrid storage and other modes.

19. Local space real-time display function:

Use charts to display the total disk space, used space and remaining space of the local collection station in real time.

20. Support extended DVD burning:

The collection station system can support DVD burning, and the video file recording function can be completed by operating from the collection system by expanding the integrated DVD burner.

21. Compatibility:

The acquisition system is required to be compatible with all brands and models of law enforcement recorder devices that comply with the “Single Police Law Enforcement Video and Audio Recorder” (GA / T947-2011) standard of the Ministry of Public Security. For old data models with different data interface terminal products, interface conversion devices are required.


Law enforcement equipment:

1. Camera, video and camera functions:

After the law enforcement instrument is turned on, it automatically enters the viewfinder mode and presses the corresponding key. The law enforcement recorder automatically starts video, audio, and picture information.

2. Browse retrieval playback function:

The function of browsing and retrieving information such as video and audio playback in time and other ways.

3. Video and audio synchronization function:

The video and audio signal out of synchronization time is less than or equal to 1s.

4. Character overlay function:

The law enforcement instrument number, time, date and user information can be automatically superimposed on the recorded video and the photos taken.

5. Operation prompt and status indication function:

It has sound and vibration as hints on how to operate, as well as various states by indicating light.

6. Time correction function:

The time can be corrected manually or automatically through the management software or through GPS.

7. Abnormal alarm function:

Low battery, storage overflow, video loss, battery undervoltage alarm function.

8. Data integrity:

The stored data will not be deleted and overwritten by this machine or unauthorized host computer, and anti-illegal copying and other authentication measures to ensure the integrity of the original data.

9. Logging function:

The recorder records the running status and operation of the equipment.

10. Night vision function test:

After turning on the night vision function, you can see the facial features of the person at 6M from the device, and you can see the contour of the human body at 15M from the device.

11. Color reproduction function:

The color of the display and playback screen and the subject have no obvious color cast.

12. Charging function:

It can be charged through a special adapter, dock charger, USB interface and car charger.

13. Information upload and download function:

Support the uploading and downloading functions of recorded video and audio.

14. Snap function:

Pressing the capture button during the recording process can capture photos of the same resolution without affecting the normal recording.

15. Video and audio pre-recording extension function:

It can pre-record the video and audio information of 100S before the trigger, and post-record the video and audio information of the trigger 3100S.

16. Remote control operation, wireless transmission:

You can use wireless remote control to complete all or part of the operation, such as starting / ending shooting; you can transfer video and audio data through WIFI.

17. Global Positioning System:

Can receive satellite data and provide positioning information.

18. Connect the interphone function:

Can be connected to the walkie-talkie to provide pickups and speakers for the walkie-talkie.

19. Function of external battery box:

It can be connected with an external battery box to expand the battery capacity. The external battery box has a charging function.

20. Power saving mode:

After booting, you can enter the power saving mode through the corresponding operation, press the resume button to exit the power saving mode.

21. Display size and brightness:

2.0-inch high-definition high-bright TFT display, 433cd / m2.

22. Contrast:

The ratio of the brightness values of the full field white and full field black signals is 2165: 1.

23. Video resolution:

The video image is a color image; the video resolution is 2560 × 1080, 2304 × 1296, 1920 × 1080, 1280 × 720, 848 × 480; the video resolution is 848 × 480, and the video resolution is 600 lines; the video resolution is At 2560 × 1080 and 2304 × 1296, the video frame rate is 30 frames / s; when the video resolution is 1920 × 1080 and 1280 × 720, the video frame rate is 60 frames / s.

24. Video image quality:

During the display and playback of video information, the video image has no obvious defects, and the edges of the image have no obvious jagged, rough, broken and mosaic images when the object moves.

25. Maximum recording interval:

The maximum recording interval between two adjacent segments is less than or equal to 0.06S.

26. Battery working time:

The law enforcement instrument is powered by a replaceable battery. When the battery is replaced once, the battery can support the continuous recording time of the law enforcement recorder 8H and the standby state 24H.

27. Battery charging time:

The battery charging time is less than or equal to 12H.

28. Motion detection function detection:

When an object moves in the set area, the law enforcement recorder automatically starts recording.

29. Key file representation function:

The key files can be marked during the recording process by corresponding keys.

30. Voice broadcast function:

The voice broadcast function can be turned on or off through the menu. After opening, the alarm number can be broadcasted when the power is turned on, and the voice prompt can be broadcasted when the camera button is pressed.

31. One-key recording switching function:

In the process of recording or recording, you can switch the recording / recording by specifying the button. After the switching, the recorded recording / recording file is automatically saved.

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