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Yinxiang's first 3D face recognition black gold technique, leading the biometrics vane!

Issuing time:2018-11-01 15:43Author:Yinxiang Technology

3D face recognition technology is currently the world's top biometric technology. It uses near-infrared structured light technology to scan human faces to create a unique 3D facial mask. The false recognition rate and false rejection rate are extremely low. Compared with 2D facial recognition, 3D facial masks are more difficult to copy and fake. The method of identification and use is non-contact, it is safer, more hygienic, more suitable for applications in various public places, suitable for natural face, and more acceptable to users.

  3D face recognition technology can achieve a high degree of unification of electronic and physical identities, which can strongly support the use of modern computer technology to achieve comprehensive digital management of public safety and special environments. 3D face biometrics technology can be applied to all aspects of environmental safety management, such as key access control, timed inventory, cashless consumption, so as to truly achieve intelligent environmental safety management.

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3D face recognition can cope with all kinds of light interference (except sunlight). In the environment with poor visibility at night, it can effectively recognize the target during the movement process, even when wearing sunglasses, hats, and other posture changes. Identification of accuracy.

3D recognition can achieve one-to-one access control, and can easily identify twins or multiple twins. Many related companies are focusing on developing 3D face recognition applications and supporting solutions. In major examinations and security systems for access control, 3D recognition will play an unprecedented advantage, effectively eliminating the phenomenon of substitute examinations and substitute examinations, and it can completely prevent deliberately covering up and passing through.

We conducted a lot of experiments based on the accuracy of face 2D and 3D recognition and errors caused by environmental changes. The authoritative results fully prove the accuracy and advancedness of 3D face recognition technology.

Main features of 3D face recognition:

1. Uniqueness: Faces are difficult to copy and counterfeit and have high security.

2. Naturalness: 3D technology is the same as the biological features used by human naked eye recognition. Other identifications such as fingerprints and irises do not have this feature.

3. Simplicity: No need to carry any media, and the recognition speed is fast, simple and convenient.

4. Non-contact: Effectively avoid viral contact infection, hygienic, reliable and safe.

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Therefore, if the 3D face recognition technology is widely used in the access control attendance identification system, it will greatly improve the security and reliability of the access control system operation and minimize the possibility of entering the office building for illegal criminal activities through identity impersonation. , Greatly reducing the existing and potential technical loopholes, hidden dangers and risks in the access control security system. At the same time, the unique feature of the face eliminates the card-punching behavior from the roots and regulates the enterprise attendance management system.

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